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All Dogs Deserve A Loving Forever Home 

Rescue Me Dogs is located in Vancouver, BC, Canada and we rescue dogs from overpopulated shelters

in California, USA. We are 100% foster based so our dogs will not go back into the shelter system

while they wait for their approved forever homes in Greater Vancouver.

We believe in second chances for these special dogs.



Noelle Halcrow of Vancouver rescues dogs and runs a charity in Vancouver
​About Us


We are blessed to be located in Vancouver, Canada where the dog shelter population is very low and manageable, but we cannot ignore that South of us in California there is a serious dog overpopulation crisis. Each year over 500,000 dogs enter the shelter system in California. The shelters are at capacity and though we recognize the hard work and dedication of those working tirelessly to find forever homes for these dogs, help is needed. This is why we are dedicating our time, resources and efforts to assist with finding qualified, loving adoptive homes for as many dogs as possible. We are working with a variety of dog shelters and rescue organizations in California to arrange adoption and transfer to Vancouver.

​We will launch the Senior Dogs for Seniors program by the end of 2022, matching senior dogs with seniors in Vancouver. Studies show that dogs have positive effects on seniors’ health, reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, and increasing social interaction and physical activity. Senior dogs are sometimes overlooked but they still have so much love to give. This program will be funded by donations for those on a fixed income and we will assist with vet health care should the need arise.

​All adoptive dogs will be spayed or neutered, microchipped and given up to date vaccinations and a thorough wellness review before they begin their journey to Canada. All will have a health certificate with an overview of their current health, vaccination records and recommended veterinarian follow up. The majority of the dogs will be small to medium size and varying in age.

​In the effort to reduce their stress we will make the 22-hour drive from Los Angeles to Vancouver avoiding air transportation delays, costs and cramped quarters.

​Each adopted dog will come with a welcome package to assist in settling into their new home, a health record and our adoption contract which contains our Perfect Match Policy.

Noelle Halcrow Vancouver
Noelle Halcrow

Founder of Rescue Me and proud Mama to a California rescue, Miuccia Prada. This sweet little rescue is the inspiration behind the organization and the center of Noelle's world. Miuccia was not considered the most desirable or easiest little dog at the shelter in Los Angeles but with one look Noelle knew she just needed love and safe home. It was best decision Noelle ever made and why we want others to have the experience and special bond with an adoptive dog of their own.


Adoptable Dogs
We will have dogs available for adoptions Summer 2022.

Follow us on Instagram to keep update.



Special Adoption Day Events
Currently no events scheduled. Check back for new adoption events 

in Vancouver, BC.


National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day - April 30th, 2022

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